Schweitzer Formula - A Crystalline Healing Solution

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A Crystalline Healing Mineral Solution

Topical and Internal Use | Repairs damaged skin

Stops unhealthy germs | Balances pH - Purifies the bloodstream

100 Years of Safe and Effective Use Worldwide

Healing Stories From Our Customers

wisehealth podcast titleimageJoin Suma Nathan on the latest Wise Health Podcast as she interviews David Louis DeFebo on the uses and benefits of Schweitzer Formula. In this show we focus on Skin Solutions for a wide range of issues including many bacteria related causes and how Schweitzer Formula can be helpful. 

 The show can be streamed off of soundcloud here or visit Suma's website, at this link to listen.  Look for show number 14-39. 

 In this show Suma and David get a chance to dig deeper into some of the causes of many skin problems and talk in depth about solutions.





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