The Schweitzer Formula

Natural Crystalline Solution for Skin

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All Natural Ingredients

The crystalline forms are created from minerals that are essential to our well being and are known to help fight bacteria, heal wounds,  and build strong bones.

Proprietary Process

The production process is tricky, but we have been at this for years, so our solution contains the perfect balance of crystalline forms and distilled water.

Unlimited Versatility

Use as a topical for skin irritations, acne, burns, cuts, rashes,  and insect bites. It is a natural antiseptic and immune enhancer making it effective for treating sore throats, and ear and sinus infections.
Our Proven Formula

Our Proven Formula

Every drop of our product contains a pure zinc-boron-salicylate crystal, which is absorbed through the skin into the blood and tissue.  Known in the 20th century as a mineral biological toxic, the Schweitzer Formula has the potential to destroy gram-positive, or anaerobic organisms such as infectious bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus.
Promotes the Healing Response in the Body

Promotes the Healing Response in the Body.

The Schweitzer Formula increases oxygenation and circulation to the tissue, improving metabolic function.  Put simply, the formula aids in the rebuilding and restructuring of tissues when your body is in healing mode.  This helps to smooth out wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, and maintain the ecology of the skin.   Try it on sunburns, insect bites, poison ivy, rashes, scars, bruises, acne and more!
Promotes the Healing Response in the Body

 Holistic Expertise

David DeFebo is not only one of the top Schweitzer Formula experts, he is also a certified holistic health practitioner.


David DeFebo CHHP | Naturopath

Founder |
David began studying holistic health principles very early in life and has been a dedicated student over the past 35 years. His passion has been applying holistic concepts to help others live better lives with less suffering. David holds a Masters degree in Integrative Medicine and a CHHP Naturopathic certification. His love for holistic nutrition, naturopathic medicine and energy medicine led him to begin working with Schweitzer Formula.  


I love Schweitzer Formula too! 

Hi, my name is Magi All Loving and Wise. I live in Pennsylvania with my human Mom and Dad and I have to tell you about how Schweitzer Formula has helped me. 

This stuff is great. When I have had some irritation in my ear…you know, like an earache, they just spray or drop it in my ear and I feel way better!

Recently I had a mild eye problem…I think my Mom and Dad said it was some type of allergy. They looked all worried and stuff, but it didn’t bother me too much. My Dad sprayed that Schweitzer Formula into my eye and it cleared up in just a few hours. I wasn’t worried but I was sure glad my Mom and Dad felt better and no longer looked concerned.

Sometimes they rub it on my gums and that feels really good. I heard them say it makes my breath better and helps keep my gums healthy. I don’t mind at all. 😀 

And when I get a little boo boo on my paw or sometimes I get a scratch on my belly, they just spray that stuff on and it goes away real quick and I’m all better! This stuff always feels so good. 

That is why I love Schweitzer Formula, it helps me a lot and I think it will help a lot of other dogs too! Oh and I think cats and all my other animal family will love this stuff. I heard it even helped a parakeet and a prize race horse. I’m so happy!

About Our Formula

Invented in Germany using principles of crystalline physics and a proprietary processing technique to combine zinc, boron, and salicylic acid, the formula was first created by a team of scientists in 1915.   This time tested formula has been used extensively throughout the world ever since. We continue to work with the age-old processes to deliver this unique, all-natural solution to you in convenient modern-day packaging.
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Your Medicine Cabinet

in a Bottle

Common Cold | Sore Throat | Sinusitis

Schweitzer Formula is an anti-inflammatory, and a soothing natural disinfectant that helps to heal sensitive mucous membranes Schweitzer Formula may also be used with a neti pot for maximum benefit. 

Oral Care

Use Schweitzer Formula as a deodorizing mouthwash to disinfect gums and teeth, dissolve plaque, and stimulate the healing of gum tissue and mouth ulcers.

Ear Ache | Overall Ear Health

Schweitzer Formula may be used as an ear drop and as a disinfectant. The natural properties will cleanse the ear and canal, and prompt the healing response.   

Acne | Fungus | Warts

Schweitzer Formula is a universal disinfectant that stops the growth of anaerobic bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic properties help to heal acne and eliminate fungi.


Schweitzer Formula reduces the pain associated with sunburn, while  changing the sunburn into a nice tan.

Insect Bites | Scars | Cuts | Bruises

Apply Schweitzer Formula often to repair damaged skin, to sooth itching and irritation, to detoxify, and as a natural antiseptic. It is absorbed through the skin into the blood and tissue to promote healing.

What People have said about Schweitzer Formula

I love this stuff… I discovered it around six or seven years ago and I use it for everything – scratches, scrapes,  and facial toner. Almost no one can guess my age!  Wendy C.

Schweitzer Formula is fantastic for a myriad of things; sore throat, coughs, bug bites and scratches.  I have one by my bed, one in the bathroom, and it is always in my travel bag wherever I go. Carol D.

I used Schweitzer Formula on a sunburn I had this summer during my week-long beach vacation and, not only did the it feel wonderful on my tender skin, but my burn was gone by the next day, and I was back on the beach!  I also use it on my face every morning and night to keep my complexion blemish free. Lisa L.

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