Happy Rebirth Day Mother Earth!

On behalf of our Schweitzer Formula family, we wish you and your family a Happy Earth Day celebration on April 22, 2021.  While last year marked the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day in 1970, this year marks a new dimension on what it means to celebrate Earth Day.  We are in a new time, an evolutionary progression, and a rebirth of our beloved Mother Earth.

While the original purpose of Earth Day was to demonstrate support for environmental protection, pollution prevention, and climate change, it has evolved over the years.  Government legislation has been developed to protect endangered species, clean air and water acts, toxic substances control act, resource conservation and recovery act, just to name a few.  As a result, there has been an increased awareness of how we interact with our planet,  increasing our focus on sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint, recycling and clean energy.


Renewal and Restoration

The theme for Earth Day 2021, according to EARTHDAY.org, is “Restore Our Earth”.  In addition to the “restore” theme, I propose that we contemplate other “re” words such as, rebirth, renew, and reconnect.  As we honor the energy that we receive from the Earth Mother, we can experience what it means to rebirth the Earth within us.  The life force that feeds our body through fresh air, water, and plant-based foods also renews our soul when we walk in nature.  Reconnecting with Mother Earth and receiving the nurturing that we need, may also be one of the greatest secrets of longevity.
There is a prayer written by Jamie Sams in the book Earth Medicine, that is an inspiration;
“Earth Mother, let me show gratitude for the abundance you freely give,
By pledging to be a caretaker, respecting all things that live.
Great Mystery, hear my silent decree and guide me in your ways,
That I may honor my Mother with a heart that is full of praise.”

Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 

Here are five ways that you can intentionally celebrate Earth Day as Rebirth Day;
1.  Go for a walk in nature
Reconnect with Mother Earth by walking on her.  Enjoy the fresh air and sweet scents of Spring. The flowers and trees in bloom are Mother Nature’s beautiful handy work as all nature is reborn.  Nature tops the list for the best stress reducer and rejuvenator, bringing us back in balance.
2.  Plant a tree
Purchase a tree to plant in your yard or in a favorite nature place.  Native Americans call trees the standing people because they are our teachers.  Trees hold the balance of energy of Earth and Sky in their roots and branches.  Hugging a tree trunk gives us a renewal of healing energy.
3.  Do a water blessing ceremony
Go to any water source and intentionally extend your loving thoughts of appreciation for all its uses in your life, along with prayers for renewal and restoring its purification.  Dr. Masaru Emoto found that water is conscious and responds to our thoughts and feelings, which he wrote about in his book, “Hidden Messages in the Water.”
4.  Collect trash in your neighborhood
Get supplied with large trash bags, rubber gloves, and a bright colored vest if you are on a road near traffic.  You will be surprised at the amount of litter you will collect as you intentionally look around you.  Engage your family and friends to join in on the clean up and take it to the dump. 
5.  Have a plant-based meal
Plan a ceremonial meal of fresh, organic vegetables, locally grown, if possible.  Feel the nourishing life force restore your energy and give thanks for all the abundant gifts from Mother Earth. Think of your food as medicine. Eat to live, don’t live to eat.
Celebrate Earth Day as a rebirth, renewal, reconnection, and restoration of living in balance with our Mother Earth.  Enjoy the great outdoors during this Spring season and remember to take a bottle of Schweitzer Formula along with you as a natural remedy to “restore” your skin.  Schweitzer Formula bottles are also “re”-cyclable, available in both plastic and glass.  Take good care of yourself and “re”-member that we are all part of Mother Nature.

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