Commemorating Schweitzer Formula

Join us in celebrating the centennial commemoration of the legendary Schweitzer Formula, a truly valuable contribution to the worlds of both traditional and holistic medicine.  This time-tested formula with amazing healing properties, has been used safely, effectively, and extensively around the world for over 100 years.  If you are among the many who have experienced the healing effects of Schweitzer formula, you may be interested to learn of its rich history and evolutionary journey.

The Schweitzer Formula was first developed in 1915 at the Speyer House Institute in Frankfurt, Germany.  It was a time of the new quantum theories from brilliant scientists like Max Plank, Albert Einstein, and Paul Ehrlich.  It was here that the principles of quantum physics were applied to a simple mixture of zinc, boron, and salicylic acid.  The result was an invention of a proprietary processing technique that developed the mixture into an enhanced quantum crystallized state.

This cutting edge formula was first marketed and sold in 1920, with the brand name of “Zinc-Borocyl”.  Doctor L.E. Schweitzer came to the U.S. from Germany in 1920, where he started the “Z-B Chemical Company” to produce and distribute the formula.  It’s popularity spread throughout Europe, South America, and North America, where physicians used it successfully in their practices for a wide range of treatments.

Healing Properties Recognized in Chicago

Upon Dr. Schweitzer’s demise, the formula was passed onto the Chicago Podiatrist, Dr. Blazinski in 1930.  A letter from Dr. George C. Custer of Chicago states, “I first visited Dr. Blazinski in 1930 when he introduced me to his technique in the use of Borocyl in treating leg ulcers and all types of acute and chronic infections. He has a number of physicians using it in their general practice for eye, ear, nose, mouth, and throat infections, etc.  One gynecologist purchased it in large quantities. 

The scientific benefits of the formula were documented in a Chicago Laboratory report from 1933 describing, “Borocyl is the result of experiments conducted during many years by the foremost American Laboratories.  It has been submitted to exhaustive chemical and clinical tests.”

A noted Chicago Brain Surgeon, Dr. Amie Paul Heineck was the technical director for the Zinc-Borocyl Company for 16 years.  Dr. Heineck used Zinc-Borocyl in all his numerous brain operations with astounding success. Dr. Heineck, M.D. and Ph.D. died in 1952 at the age of 92.

Zinc-Borocyl was used as the dressing of choice for all infections and as the exclusive dressing for the burn unit in Chicago’s Cook County Hospital between 1920-1940, under Dr. Karl Meyer.  Although Dr. Meyer was eventually persuaded by a pharmaceutical company to use their chemicals in place of the natural biological, Zinc- Borocyl continued its popularity.

Formula 767

Mr. William D. Hagerty, Sr., a student of Professor Paul Ehrlich’s since 1933 and familiar with Zinc-Borocyl since the early 1940’s, bought the formula and trademark of “Borocyl”.  In 1957, Mr. Hagerty formed the corporation Bionics, Inc. and changed the name of Zinc-Borocyl to Formula 767.  After many years of intense research, Mr. Hagerty came to understand the truth of molecular biology, that the Zinc-Borocyl crystal is an “anionic surfactant [sic] containing an ionization constant based on Plank’s Constant, Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, and Professor Paul Ehrlich’s Side Chain Theory of Immunology.  This is the secret of the amazing curtive and preventive powers of Formula 767.”

In 1979, Mr. Hagerty turned all the rights over to Dr. Kenneth B. Rowell, ND., who continued the production and distribution of Formula 767 into the 1980’s.  The former Vice President of the World Health Association of Integrated Medicine, Dr. John Whitman Ray came into the storyline in 1983 to reintroduce and promote the formula and its healing properties.  Dr. Ray decided to go back in history to the original producer of the formula and coined its new and current name, Schweitzer Formula.  Dr. Ray distributed the Schweitzer Formula in crystal form only, until his death in 2001

Schweitzer Formula Today

While the crystals continued to be sold worldwide, the convenience factor of a bottled formula was missing.  David DeFebo, CHHP became familiar with Schweitzer Formula at one of the holistic centers he managed.  In 2007, he was granted the rights by the current owners of the proprietary formula to bottle and distribute the formula under the name Schweitzer Formula.  Production began in 2008 and the product is currently available in various size bottles and applicators through

From deep appreciation of the scientific principles and healing properties of Schweitzer Formula, David DeFebo shared, “It feels like carrying on a sacred trust, a passing of a baton, and a stepping into a lineage of an amazing story and formula.”  With over a century of being in use, there have been no contraindications observed, but there are however, countless testimonials of its healing benefits.  In honor of Schweitzer Formula, we preserve the memory of all those who maintained the integrity of the original formula, as we commemorate its ingenious discovery.

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