We would like to thank the following people for making the endeavor possible.

Enzyme International for continuing the tradition of stewardship and careful preparation and production of Schweitzer Formula.

All of the great scientists throughout time that dedicated themselves to the pursuit of understanding the natural world.

Dr. L.E. Schweitzer for recognizing the formula and making the effort to get the word out so people that are suffering can be helped.

All of the steward of the formula throughout the past 100 yeas

Dr. Blazinski

Dr. Amie Paul Heineck

Dr. Karl Meyer

Mr. William Haggerty

Dr. Kenneth B. Rowell

Dr. John Whitman Ray

Enzymes International

All of the doctors and medical professionals that have supported, promoted and used Schweitzer Formula over the past 100 years.

All of the people involved in the Body Electronics movement around the globe.

Doug Morrison for all of his work on his excellent website

Thomas C. Cahvez for his book called Body Electronics.

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