Does Schweitzer Formust have to be refrigerated?
There is no need to refrigerate Schweitzer Formula and it is fine to do so if desired.
I don't like the taste of Schweitzer Formula. How can I mask the taste, etc?
You could dilute the formula with distilled water as a way of reducing the strength of the taste. I have found that if you stick with it a bit, it is more easily tolerated over time. I don’t recommend mixing it with any other substances as this may affect the effectiveness of the formula.
I have amalgam (metal) fillings in my mouth, will this affect Schweitzer Formula? How can I work around this if it is a problem?
Of course amalgam fillings are composed of metal, which will affect the effectiveness of the formula. If you are going to swallow the formula, you could simply squirt it to the back of the throat, avoiding the fillings. If you want to use it on the gums or as a genral mouth wash, then just try to avoid the fillings as best you can. As soon as the formula contacts the tissue, it is going to release the healing energy. So, if you simply put it into the mouth and swirl it to all areas of you mouth, then I believe most of the tissue will be positively affected. Just do the best you can and most of thr formula will stay in tact until it contacts the gum tissue.
Why do you call it a quantum healing formula?

I take a little license here as the term quantum physics was coined in the 1920’s. I used this term because the physicists involved in the discovery of the formula where part of the development of what was later called quantum mechanics or quantum theory. Specifically, Albert Einstein and Max Plan. I report this based on the historical information I was given by the current stewards of the formula.

How do I apply Schweitzer Formula to the skin without a sprayer or roll-on?
For most spplication awuirt a few drops or more on the area to be treated and rub in.
Alternatively, you could use a cotton pad or in the palm of your hand, as a medium to apply thr formula.
As long as the formula does not contact metal it will be intact and deliver the healing potential to the skin area you are treating.
What are the ways I can apply the formula to the skin?
Any non-metal applicator is acceptable.
Cotton swabs, pad and balls are all acceptable.
Cheesecloth can work well.
Try our roll-on bottle.
Or just apply directly and rub in.
How much Schweitzer Formula can be taken orally? Is there a toxic dose?
There is no known toxic dose, however here are some guidelines.
Anything can become toxic at some level, so be reasonable.
Monitor your reactions when you take it and adjust your usage accordingly.
Feel free to call our office for support and suggested usage based on historical evidence and our own experience and professional wisdom.
It is recommended that you consult a knowledgeable holistic health practitioner for guidance.
Any advice given throug this website, over the phone or email or any other communication system is educational in nature and should not be taken as medical advice in any way. We advise you to stay in close contact with you medical health care provider and/or holitic heath care professional.
Schweitzer Formula is a food product that can be used to positive benefits to the body just as many foods can be used.
How often is it safe to apply Schweitzer Formula to the skin?
As often as desired. There are no toxic effects to skin application.
For severe conditions apply it as often as possible.
Please contact us through the contact form, email or phone for more information.
Is Schweitzer Formula an all natural product?
Yes, Schweitzer Formula consists of four ingredients in very specific forms; zinc, boric acid, salicylic acid and distilled water.
I have seen websits that state you can make Schweitzer Formula at home, is this true?
We here at SchweitzerFormula.com do not believe that is true. Some of the websites that claim this are not telling the entire story about what thr formula is and how it is made.
Our understanding here at SchweitzerFormula.com is that the formula is a proprietary blend that has been handed down from one steward to another over a span of almost 100 years. There are very specific forms of ingredients that must be acquired and very specific procedures that must be followed in order for thr crystalline matrix of the three ingredients to form. We respect the proprietary nature of the formula and the lineage of stewards that have been providing it all these years. We acquire the formula from the current stewards and carefully prepare Schweitzer Formula into the liquid bottled form that we provide to our customers.
Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. Please see the International Orders section of the FAQ.
We have successfully shipped orders to Australia, New Zealand, Philippinnes, England, Germany, Belgium, Puerto Rico and Canada.
With our new shopping cart system, calculating international shipping should be smooth and trouble free.
However, if you have any trouble with placing your order, simply send us as email to info@schweitzerformula.com and we will work out the order with a paypal invoice.
We can usually work it out if you work with us.

How long before the product expires after I purchase it?
Schweitzer Formula is very stable. The two ways the Schweitzer Formula can breakdown, is by being heated beyond the boiling point, and by coming in contact with a conductive metalic instrument. If either of these happen, then the formula will be de-crystallized into it’s base components. It will still be helpful, but it will not carry the quantum charge, if you will, that makes the formula so effective. In addition, because Schweitzer Formula is a universal disinfectant, is it not at risk for microbial contamination.


Given that either of these two exposures do not happen, Schweitzer Formula should be viable and safe for 3-5 years from the date of purchase. We recommend using within a window of 3 years from the date of purchase.

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Orders and Ordering
Can I phone my order in?
Yes, just call us at (570)-360-9188 to place your order. If we are not in the office, just leave a voice mail and we will call you back soon to take the order.


Our general office hours are:

M-F – 8am to 8pm Eastern Time (-5GMT)

Saturday – Will return calls promptly

Sunday – Closed

Holidays hours will be announced via our website home page and blog.

Can I email my order in?

Yes, just email your order to ordersATschweitzerformula.com and we will create a Paypal invoice. We will email the Paypal invoice to you at the email that you sent the order in with. You simply follow the instructions provided by Paypal in the email. You will be taken to a secure payment page after clicking on the payment button. Here you can pay with a paypal balance or a credit card YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO DO THIS, simply choose the option to pay with a credit card. Pay the invoice just like any other secure online transaction. We will receive an email telling us the invoice has been paid. We will then ship the order.

How soon do you ship out an order after it is placed?
Most orders go out the next day.

Our general shipping policy is:
We typically ship within 1-2 business days. Our primary shipping days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What services do you use to ship?
We primarily use United States Postal Service.
At this time packages are shipped via USPS Priority or First Class depending on what is requested.
Can I request a different carrier
If you really need a different carrier, we can do that for a service fee. You will have to call in your order via phone or contact us after it is placed on the website.
We intend on adding other carrier options in the near future.
Do you have plans to add other carriers?
We may add UPS and FedEx service in the future.
We will announce additional shihpping services when they are available.
Where do you ship from?
We are located and ship from Williamsport, PA USA. Home of the Little League Baseball World Series!
Can I get my order expedited?
Yes, we are happy to ship your order Express. If you are willing to pay the Express fees we will ship it that way. We will do everything we can ship Express orders the same day provided we receive the order in a timely fashion.
How long will it take to get my U.S. order?
Northeast, U.S. orders typically will take 1 day from the ship date.
Souteast, U.S. orders typically will take 2 days from the ship date.
Midwest, U.S. orders typically will take 2 days from the ship date.
Western, U.S. orders typically will take 3-4 days from the ship date.
Alaska and Hawaii will typically take 5 days from the ship date.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do.
We have successfully shipped orders to Australia, New Zealand, Philippinnes, England, Germany, Belgium, Puerto Rico and Canada.
With our new shopping cart system, calculating international shipping should be smooth and trouble free.
However, if you have any trouble with placing your order, simply send us as email to orders@schweitzerformula.com and we will work out the order with a paypal invoice.
We can usually work it out if you work with us.
What countries do you ship to?
currently we ship to Australia, New Zealand, Philippinnes, England, Belgium, Germany, Puerto Rico and Canada.
Our new system has a much greater international shipping capability.
However if you don’t see your country listed during checkout please email us and we can work out an order via email and/or phone.
What kind of international shipping charges can I expect?
International order can be very expensive to ship.
We have created special international SKU’s to offer the most efficient product/shipping cost ratio. Please look for them in our catalog to see which would be your best option.
We can ship packages under 4lbs for between $20 and $30 at the time of this writing. (Subject to change)
Packages over 4lbs will typically ship for between $45 and $70. (Subject to change)
Please feel free to contact us about international shipping and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.
How long will it take to receive my international order?
Shipments to Puerto Rico and Canada will typically take between 4 and 8 days depending on whether you are in eastern or western Canada.
Shipments to Europe will typically take between 4 and 10 days depending on your proximity to airports and other transportation.
Shipments to Australia, New Zealand and the Philippinnes typically take between 6 and 16 days depending on your location.
Do you track orders after they are shipped?
Yes, tracking in our time is quite amazing.
We can usually tell where you package is at anytime; as the scans happen along the way they are emailed to both of us.
We do everything we can on our end to verify the delivery of international shipments.
If you do not receive your shipment in a reasonable time frame, please contact us immediately.
If your ordr is missing we will work with the carrier to rectify the problem.
We will do everything in our power to make sure you are satisfied with your shopping experience with us.
We will do whatever we can, within reason to insure you get your order or receive a proper refund.
What happens if my order is lost?
If your package is lost or damaged we will work with you to satisfy kyou as best we can.
We will investigate the shipment to determine what the problem is. If need be we will reship or refund your purchase price.
We have had very good success in shipping packages internationally and the tracking systems are getting better all the time. We are able in most cases to rectify any problems without further cost to you.
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Payment Questions
What payment option are available when purchasing Schweitzer Formula on your website?
Credit card processing via the Strupe payment system


All transactions happen directly between you and Stripe. We do not see or store credit cards with this system. This makes it the most secure way to process credit cards.

PayPal Express

For PayPal Express users – one of the most secure way of paying with a credit card. You must have a PayPal account and sign up for and set up PayPal Express in your account.


This allow you to pay with a PayPal balance or with a credit card wheather you have a PayPal account or not. REPEAT: A PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS NOT RECQUIRED.
You can pay with a credit card including; Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or America Express.
You can pay with a PayPal account.
You can pay through PayPal without a PayPal account.
After clicking on the PayPal option select pay with a credit card.

You can call your order in to 888-630-8837.

Is your site secure?
Yes, absolutely! The payment area of our website are SSL encrypted and verified.
Is PayPal a safe way to pay?
We have been using PayPal for over 10 years with perfect results.
They have very secure systems that are as safe as any large annd reputable website such as Amazon.com.
Can I pay by check?
Yes, however the time to process your order will be slowed down significantly.
Place the order on the website, by phone, email or by mail. If you place the order via the website simply choose the pay by chech option. This will allow you to complete the order and we will hold until the check arrives.
Send in your check for the full amount of you order to :

Schweitzer Formula Orders,
1018 Woodmont Ave, Williamsport, PA 17701

When we receive the check, deposit it and verify that it has cleared the order will be shipped.

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Is your website secure?

Yes, our entire website is now on the https security standard and is in compliance. Our store/shopping cart system is run by Ecwid, one of the largest and most powerful shopping car systems on the internet. This system is run on the Amazon cloud environment and is a extremely secure way of shopping and submitting payment.

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