There’s Something About Schweitzer Formula!

Schweitzer Formula is my favorite natural remedy which I have used on a daily basis for over 20 years.  As a result, I could give many testimonials on the multi-purpose uses and benefits that make it my “go to” healing remedy.  So, I want to share the story of how it became such a helpful solution for my various health needs, and how it continues to amaze me with its healing results.

My husband David and I first discovered Schweitzer Formula while working in a busy health food store where we watched customers return again and again to replenish their supply. Schweitzer Formula was one of the most popular products in our store.  People loved it and didn’t want to be without it.

We learned that it was one of those old time remedies that was “tried and true”, with a long, rich history. It was developed in 1915 at the Speyer House in Frankfurt Germany, where scientists were working with new breakthroughs in quantum physics. There they invented a proprietary processing technique using a mixture of zinc, boron, and salicylic acid, which was enhanced into a quantum crystallized state, and suspended in distilled water.  This cutting-edge formula was first marketed in 1920 and has been used extensively throughout the world for the last century.

Secret Ingredient 

Manufactured according to Dr. Schweitzer’s original quantum processing technique, the secret seems to be in the properties of the crystal.  An infrared wave is released from the crystal into your skin and deeper tissue, all the way into the bone marrow, instantaneously at the speed of light.  A chemical energy is stored in the crystal that is released when sprayed.  We receive the frequencies of zinc, boron, and salicylic acid into the body.  That is how it heals so quickly.

Our first fast healing experience using Schweitzer Formula was for a bad sunburn.  It was the first day on a tropical beach with our winter white skin.  We sprayed our very red, toasted skin when we returned to our room, and again before bed.  What a surprise it was the next morning to see that our scorched skin had browned to a glowing tan!  It had been the kind of sunburn that could have ruined the vacation, but we had no pain, blisters, or peeling.  Schweitzer saved our skin!

We later learned that Schweitzer Formula had been used at The Chicago Burn Center as a main treatment for many years, before drugs replaced natural remedies. We have found Schweitzer to be the most effective remedy for stove burns and cuts, so we keep a bottle handy in our kitchen.  We keep a bottle in our car for first aid and for itching due to bug bites, poison ivy, rashes, scrapes, or dry skin.  I keep a small bottle in my purse for all of the above and to share with others in need.

Everyday Versatility

Our bathroom has a Schweitzer spray bottle, a pouring spout bottle, a dropper bottle, and a roll-on for everyday use.  In the morning, I use Schweitzer as a mouthwash.  After a shower, I spray it all over my body as a skin toner and moisturizer, then use the roll-on as a deodorant.  In the evening, I use Schweitzer to clean my mouth and gums, and I spray some on my face, and on damaged skin areas that are in need of repair. These are my daily routines for natural hygiene and skin care.  

We have successfully used Schweitzer Formula over the years as a healing solution for a variety of needs;

  • For skin and nail fungus, including athlete’s foot and ringworm.  

  • As an ear drop at the first sign of an earache.  

  • In a neti-pot to clean sinuses, or as a nasal spray.

  • As a natural remedy for periodontal disease.

  • As a throat spray for a sore throat.  

  • On skin blemishes, spider veins, and rashes.

  • On itchy skin, and hives.

  • To absorb body odor.

  • As an after-shave to prevent irritation.

  • For pet hot spots, cysts, or wounds. 

  • The list goes on…we say:  “Just spray Schweitzer on it!”

    There is something amazing about this inexpensive, effective, natural remedy that is time-tested, safe, and non-toxic.  This quantum crystalline solution assists nature in restoring normal function of cells and tissue. We call Schweitzer our medicine cabinet in a bottle. In this complicated world, it is such a blessing to have found a simple solution that helps with so much!


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