Natural Care for Your Furry Friends

Did you know that Schweitzer Formula, a time-tested, all natural remedy, is safe and effective for your pets?  It is a great “first aid” to have on hand for both you and your furry friends.  Over the many years that we have been using Schweitzer Formula, we have been amazed to hear so many examples of how it has helped animals with a variety of conditions.  With April being “Pet Healing” month, it seemed like a fitting time to share some of the various uses.

External Uses:

Repair Damaged Skin

Spray Schweitzer Formula on your pet’s “hot spots” or wounds to speed the healing process.   Schweitzer is safe, so even if your dog or cat licks it off, it is actually good for them, making it a wonderful natural remedy for pets.  When your pet starts to scratch those itchy areas due to rashes or insect bites, just spray the irritated place as needed.  For peeling skin, burns, or sore red areas, Schweitzer is soothing, and stops unhealthy germs.

Cysts and Tumors

As the skin is the largest organ of elimination, often toxins will erupt in the form of a cyst or a tumor.  Regular application of Schweitzer has been shown to dissolve these skin tumors naturally.  While a vet may want to test for malignancy, skin tumors are often benign and common in pets.  In either case, Schweitzer would be helpful, since it purifies the bloodstream.

Internal Uses:

Oral Care

Schweitzer Formula provides a natural dental hygiene for teeth and gums.  It can be used as regular preventative maintenance as well as a treatment for periodontal disease, mouth ulcers, or an abscess.  Since Schweitzer absorbs odors, it is also good for your pet’s breath.  Again, it is safe for them to swallow and will help balance their pH, making it the ideal natural remedy for pets.

Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat

Schweitzer is safe for mucous membranes, as it assists in the natural healing from damage to the eyes, basic ear care and cleaning, nasal irritations, and throat inflammations.  The dropper bottle makes it convenient to apply to small areas, and can be used often until you see results.

–Our tips are not to be viewed as medical advice, and there are times when veterinary intervention is necessary.   Yet it is always beneficial to have a natural remedy on hand for those emergencies when your pet is in need of immediate attention.  Schweitzer Formula is a proven, reliable solution that you can feel good about using as a natural health care for your beloved furry friends.

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