Our Philosophy

There is a lot that can be said when it comes to philosophy. I will confine my comments to the philosophy of our intent for publishing this website, and the work that we do in association with Schweitzer Formula, holistic products and holistic education in general.

The general philosophy is one of striving to understand and practice holistic principles, to do our best to work with those principals and natural laws, in order to minimize suffering, and maximize the lessons and joy that can come out of the human experience. It is the lessening of suffering that I believe is the part that Schweitzer Formula can contribute, and in a very big way.

In addition, I feel that a formula, such as Schweitzer Formula, is of such value, that I simply felt compelled to work to make it more known and available to a much wider audience.

We are required by law to remind you that we are not associated with the practice of modern medicine, we do not diagnose disease, prescribe drugs or surgery and we are in no way associated with the AMA based medical system.

We ARE associated with natural principles of holistic health and healing. We subscribe to the philosophy that each of us is a sovereign being of the universe, charged with being responsible for ourselves. We are also responsible for helping others to understand natural principles, as well, and to live in harmony with nature.

Everything you read here is for educational purposes and does not replace medical care, which may be necessary.

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