Change is in the air as we feel the cool Autumn weather, the trees turn their leaves to spectacular colors before falling back to earth, and the squirrels are busy storing up food for the winter.  As part of nature, we are also prompted to get ready for the coming changes by gathering some extra supplies for later use. Whether we are facing environmental changes or societal changes, it is wise to apply the practical action of squirrels and the boy scout motto, “Be Prepared”!

Remaining Vigilant

“Preppers” is a contemporary term for those who want to be extra vigilant and cautious about having whatever we may need on hand.  How can we be self-sufficient and equipped for any emergency or unexpected conditions that may occur?  Having the plan to connect with loved ones in case of communication blackouts.  Storing up extra groceries, water, clothing, flashlights, candles, batteries, books, money, personal care, and medical supplies are some of the most important items on the list.  

Be Prepared with Schweitzer Formula

Schweitzer Formula Banner Treating Symptoms Naturally

Be sure to keep extra bottles of Schweitzer Formula on hand when gathering your supplies for your first aid kit.  With all of Schweitzer’s multipurpose uses, it is known as “a medicine cabinet in a bottle” for all your family and pets.  It is an effective solution for skin irritations, and injuries, and has a long list of topical applications.  It is also effective for a list of internal uses, such as strengthening the immune system, which is especially helpful during the cold and flu season. Another good reason to stock up on Schweitzer Formula now is to take advantage of the 2022 pricing before the cost increases in the new year.  We have not raised our prices in over 14 years!  Although we have held out as long as we could, we are forced to adjust to all the increasing costs of our supplies to produce Schweitzer Formula.  The cost will still be relatively low compared to all the benefits and value of our product.  This is just another example of the changes that we are all experiencing.

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