Retailing Schweitzer with Success

The Garden Herb Shop, a health food store found in the historic district of Canal Winchester, Ohio, is as inviting as the name evokes. When owners Kelley and Nathan Doerfler opened the store over 12 years ago, they had no idea how quickly it would take off in the community.  Within two years, they had outgrown their original location, and found themselves looking for a bigger space.  Now they occupy a larger location that also includes a full service restaurant.

Beyond their commitment to carry the highest quality supplements, personal care items and food brands, what else has contributed to their undeniable success?  One significant element has been the alliance that Kelley and Nathan have with a well-respected MD who practices family medicine in their area. Dr. Teresa Quinlin often recommends natural remedies to her patients, and refers her clients to the Garden Herb Shop to purchase.  In turn, Kelley ensures that the shelves are well-stocked with Dr. Quinlin’s favorite products. 

The Schweitzer Formula is among these key products, and is regularly recommended by Dr. Quinlin for both topical and internal use.  When Kelley was asked by the doctor to carry it in her shop, she was skeptical about its effectiveness. But because of her relationship with Dr. Quinlin, she put it on the shelf, and began selling it to Dr. Quinlin’s referred patients. 

It wasn’t long before Kelley started to hear encouraging news from those who had been using the formula.  She was pleasantly surprised to get consistent reports from customers that their skin issues had been resolved after using Schweitzer Formula regularly.  Wounds, scrapes, scars, rashes, sunburn, and even bug bites were being addressed.   She began to believe that there really was something to this crystalline solution.  

The real test came for Kelley when her dog experienced a serious underbelly rash.  The vet had prescribed a steroidal cream that Kelley was reluctant to use, so she decided to give Schweitzer Formula a try instead.  She sprayed the formula on her dog’s belly just 2 times over a 12 hour period, and the rash cleared up completely in less than 24 hours.  Kelley was sold!  

Now that Kelley and her staff are comfortable speaking from experience about the unique crystalline combination of zinc, boron, and salicylic acid, the Schweitzer Formula sales have climbed within the shop, bringing this success story full circle.  The Garden Herb Shop was the first retail location to carry The Schweitzer Formula, and they continue to be our largest commercial client, thanks to Kelley and her team, and Dr. Teresa Quinlin. 

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