Spring Equinox Equilibrium – 

We are at the point in the yearly cycle when balance exists between light and dark. At precisely 5:37 AM EDT on March 20th, our sun crossed the Earth’s celestial equator, and a momentary balance of day and night was achieved.  Thereafter, the hours of light will predominate and the hours of darkness will fade into the background.  The Equinox, then, is a good time for us to examine our own balance.  What do we need to do to bring more equilibrium into our life?

As Spring is a time of renewal and re-evaluation, we can examine our life and begin again to;

  • Reinvent yourself…rejuvenate and recreate.
  • Remember what is important…realign and rededicate.
  • Rekindle your passions…reignite and reactivate.

Affirm your heartfelt intentions for balance, such as;

  • I feel whole and balanced within my body, mind, emotions, spirit, and healthy lifestyle.
  • I feel a balance in giving and receiving energy.
  • I feel balanced between my masculine and feminine energies within my whole being.

We like this fun motto that keeps balance and equilibrium in perspective:

“All things in moderation, including some excess!”  

 Here’s to a happy, healthy Spring!

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