Combo Pack- 64oz + 8oz w/Fliptop Lid

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Combo Pack of 64oz+8oz of Schweitzer Formula in a Cobalt Blue Oval Bottles W/Flip top dispenser.

This flip top dispenser bottle of Schweitzer Formula is great for the medicine cabinet, next to the bed, or anywhere you keep your natural remedies.

The 8oz oval bottle fits nicely in the hand and makes for easy application while the 64oz bulk size is great for refilling your smaller bottles. This is one of our most popular combo packs.

Schweitzer Formula has been used safely for almost 100 years. Invented circa 1915 by physicists and medical doctors in Germany, Schweitzer Formula has been helping people with their holistic health needs around the globe. Recommended by doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, herbalist, nurses, and many other health professionals, today Schweitzer Formula is having a resurgence of popularity around the world.

Remember to always use non-metalic implements when working with Schweitzer Formula.

Schweitzer Formula is one of the most effective, useful and versatile solutions available to the holistic health community. We are sure you will find it as helpful to health maintenance as we do.

The 8oz bottle is a PETE #1 and the 64oz is HDPE, both are recyclable bottles. Please recycle your bottles when you are finished with them.

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