The Summer Solstice is not only the longest day of the year, but it also marks the day that the sun exerts its maximum power in the Northern Hemisphere.  On Sunday, June 20 at 11:32 PM EDT, the sun moves from Gemini into Cancer, signaling the zero point of Solstice, the highest solar energy for the year. With this peak energy and outward joy in the fullness of life, there are great opportunities to open our hearts to receive the blessings of the cosmos.

In this year of 2021, the Summer Solstice is on a “sun”-day and Fathers Day, as a symbol of our honoring of Father Sun.  It is also the first day of Cancer, the sign of the Universal Mother and Divine Feminine nurturing, of honoring our Mother Earth.  Midsummer represents the marriage of Heaven and Earth, and the vision of higher possibilities that emerge from the union of opposites.  When the Solstice gateway occurs, the sun appears to stand still between the light and the dark, the zero point void of immense potential and limitless possibilities.

True Light

As we consciously participate in this “now” moment of the Solstice Stargate opening, we can experience increased clarity, inspiration, and illumination.  As the rays of the sun strike us head on, it can shine a spotlight on our True Self, as we bask in the crystalline light of our Divinity.  The portal opening at the Solstice allows us to collectively expand the Divine Light from our Sacred Hearts, adding to the light of the world on behalf of humanity and all life on our beloved Mother Earth.                                                                                                                                    

It is through allowing our hearts to lead the way that we heal the planet.  As the old paradigm dissolves, the new paradigm begins.  Filling the new world with our wholehearted energies of love, peace, and harmony, we can co-create a new positive timeline.  This Solstice empowers us to make this our intention, as summer begins with a vision of what can be.

The Archangel of Summer is Uriel, whose symbol is the upright five pointed star, revealing the integration of the four aspects of the psyche into One. The Midsummer theme is finding one’s Star and becoming it. The star of Uriel leads to our wholeness, as well as the interdependence of individuals, races, nations, and cultures. Archangel Uriel proclaims, “the new song that humanity will sing.” – Revelations 14:3.

A Time for Celebration

The Summer Solstice is the Festival of Manifestation, a time of full outward physical manifestation.  It is a Midsummer tradition to clean our homes and decorate them with flowers.  It is also a good time to have a ceremonial circle of friends where you can co-create sacred space together.  When we perform ceremonies, we consciously choose to put ourselves in a fully centered state.  We choose to align with our Higher self and with the forces of nature through our intentions to give and receive healing energy.

Smudging with sage helps to clear a sacred space and set the energy for ceremony.Singing songs and sound healing with crystal bowls, drumming, or other instruments helps to harmoniously lift the frequency.  The Invocation of the seven directions, east, south, west, north, above, below, and within, connects us with the Oneness of All Life.  Centered in our hearts, we meditate and pray together for the highest good of us all. 

May you be blessed this Summer Solstice in discovering your own en-“light”-enment.  Perhaps it will be a recognition that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and to be empowered to activate and actualize the best that is within us.  If not us, then who?  If not now, then when?  There is just you and me here and now is our time!

“Solar Light, ancient source of power and life, it is you who guides my path this day. ‘Tis the season of your ruling, and I, like you, must use this moment fully to urge this world to grow, and grow it will, and grow I will, to the fullness of my potential, for that is Who I Am!”  – Essene Affirmation

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