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“After open heart surgery, I was sure that the incision would be a long time healing, especially after talking with others, who have been through it and seeing their scars. My incision healed very, very quickly. I attribute the rapid healing to using the Schweitzer Formula. My incision looks better than other scars that are several years old. Thank you!”

Diane Madison

Missouri, March 2014

“My blepharitis (acne of the eyelids) has been diagnosed as mild. The worst bit is waking with mucus in my eye causing blurred vision. The warm compress and squeezing procedure explained to me to be done every day was so time comsuming, I decided to try the S. Formula, as it is recommended for acne and can be put in the eyes. I use a soap free cleanser, rinse thoroughly, then dab on S.F. to top and bottom lids morning and night. The S.F. just feels like water in the eyes, no irritation at all. I now wake with clear eyes!

S.F. instantly relieves midge and mossy bites better than the many products I have tried.”

Heather Murrin

Gold Coast, Australia, April 2015

“I recently had a bad case of shingles. The Schweitzer Formula helped me get out of pain and the shingles went away very quickly. It also helped heal a severe burn my husband received. We were thankful that he was out of pain and the wound healed much faster than we thought it could.” Thank you!”
Jose Rodriguez

Brooklyn, New York, April 2015

“After open heart surgery, I was sure that the incision would be a long time healing, especially after talking with others, who have been through it and seeing their scars. My incision healed very, very quickly. I attribute the rapid healing to using the Schweitzer Formula. My incision looks better than other scars that are several years old. Thank you!”

Diane Madison

Missouri, March 2014

“My mother is almost 90 years old. She is dealing with open bed sores and has had debilitating Parkinson’s disease for quite some time. I am using Schweitzer Formula on her open wounds and I started giving her small doses internally. Within minutes of having her drink some of the formula, she began to be more responsive to my verbal promptings. She has not responded like this in many years. I was quite surprised and very happy with this remarkable result. I will keep you informed on both the wound response and her response to the internal use. Thank you!”

Florida, March 2014

“The formula is great …I’m, putting it in my ears and then doing acupressure around the ear lobes”
Suma Nathan

Wise Health Radio

“One benefit that I noticed right away was with my teeth. I used to be able to feel when plaque was on certain teeth. Since using about 2 ounces uncut every night like mouthwash, it seems that the plaque has gone away. Pretty cool. Thanks.”

February, 2014

“Thx for the quick reply David.
Some years back I ordered some of your product. Shortly after receiving it I developed a Giardia infection in my digestive system and all I could eat for two weeks was rice and toast and not much of that. My Family Doctor did not find the infection – my Naturopath did. I did not want to end up in hospital because I knew they would no doubt load me with anti-biotics and make the situation worse. After about the first week of sickness I decided to try the Schweitzer orally because I thought that if I didn’t I probably would end up in hospital and by that time I was getting dangerously weak. Then I started on the Schweitzer and the rest is history – I got well. After starting the Schweitzer Formula, I gradually noticed improvement and I was able to eat more and finally get some nutrition into my body. The Schweitzer Formula gave my body what it needed to get well. Without the Schweitzer Formula, I am sure I would have ended up in Hospital.”
Stephanie S.

Canada, February, 2014

“Hi David,
Good to speak with you yesterday. Your podcast was very inspiring. I found it informational and easy to follow [because you spoke clearly and
slowly]. I am looking forward to the next podcast. I have been taking Schweitzer formula for almost 5 weeks. I have noticed many benefits in a very
short time. Skin healing is great….several rashes which I’ve had for a very long time are disappearing or have disappeared. I burned myself three
days ago, on my thumb, loading wood in the fire. Usually these burns are very difficult to heal, taking maybe 2 weeks of attention. I put Schweitzer
on immediately and constantly , and it is still apparent but virtually healed in 3 days. Pain in my joints [knees, shoulders, hips] is decreasing and
I have much more movement in my arms. I feel that my circulation is improving. My tolerance for cold seems to be more regulated. I am using it in my
mouth for a gum problem, which is improving. I feel that my blood is being cleansed, many toxins are being released, and my immune system is
strengthening. In addition, my mental state is improving because I totally believe that I am now giving my body what it needs to heal, and that helps
to build my confidence and the energy to deal with it all. Pretty profound and amazing results in such a short time!!!
I also want to say that the addition of the minerals, [which I have been taking for 16 days], has also been wonderful. I eat very little and do
not get what I need from my food, I know this, so now I know I am providing my body with important nutrients that it needs. I think the combo of these
products is synergistic and this is the best thing I could be doing to enable my body to repair and strengthen.
I want to thank you for your generous spirit and the guidance you have provided me. You are a true healer, David, and I will be forever grateful
to you. Looks like I am out of space. Best to you always, Antoinette.”
Antionette F.

New Mexico, U.S.

“I have used Schweitzer Formula for a number of things including eczema, epilepsy, tummy upsets and other skin irritations, not to mention joint problems! This stuff is a miracle and I’m so glad I have found it again, it’s going to be a Xmas present for a friend with arthritis. By next year he will be cured, so I dont know what the next Christmas gift will be!!!!!! Thank you to all holistic believers and practitioners! Bless!”
Kylie Wood

December, 2010

“My mother is 82 and has thin skin. Often cuts will expand and take a long time to heal and can be quite a serious threat. I applied Schweitzer Formula on a cut she had and it healed in just one day. Thank you!”
A. W.

Alabama, June, 2011

“I had an infected and painful tooth. I remembered hearing something about Schweitzer Formula being helpful for infections, so I began using it on the tooth and gums I used it every hour or two continously for several days. To my amazement, the pain began to lesson. The tooth seemed to just get better. I continue using it for prevention. I am astounded at the result I was able experience. I will be going to the dentist soon. It will be interesting to see what he says.”
Emily N.


“I used Schweizer Formula on a sunburn I had this summer during my week-long beach vacation and, not only did the it feel wonderful on my tender skin, but my burn was gone by the next day, and I was back on the beach! I also use it on my face every morning and night to keep my complexion blemish free.”
Lisa L.

School Teacher

“I had a growth on my left temple that came out of nowhere. It was a small, but quite noticeable, crusty bump. I applied Schweitzer Formula on it several times a day and in less than two weeks it was hardly noticeable. Prior to that, I was scheduled for surgery, which I gladly canceled. I also inhaled it for a cold and the cold evaporated.”
P Krauss

New York

” I applied Schweitzer Formula on my toenail fungus every day for 3 months and it totally cleared up.

I also use it on mosquito bites, sunburn and relief for my dog’s itchy belly.”

Sue Z.

Office Manager

“Here’s my order, but also wanted to let you know how excited I was to learn about the many uses for the Schweitzer Formula. It’s been in my medicine cabinet for many years, but I had no idea it works so well for skin rashes and sun burns, until I found the information on your site and tried it. Until recently, the only thing I’ve used it for is stopping colds and sore throats–for which it is excellent!”
Larry S.

“Schweitzer Formula is fantastic for a myriad of things; sore throat, coughs, bug bites and scratches.

I have one by my bed , one in the bathroom, and it is always in my travel bag wherever I go.”

Carol D.


“I have been using it on my face. The spot that doesn’t want to heal seems to be clearing up.
Also, I am trying it under my arms for the discoloration. The purple is fading.”

Canal Fulton, OH, USA, October, 2010

“I was very blessed to be introduced to the formula by Dr Ray and cannot say enough about the extent of its virtue. I have not used it for years, but am so glad to have found it again. Can’t wait to get some!!”
Jayne Wood

December, 2010

“This formula is fantastic – athletes foot and poor breath used to be a terrible problem for me, but now I have no recurrence, thanks to using the formula regularly.”
Thomas Humphries

March, 2010

“Schweitzer Formula is an amazing product; I use it as a dental flush and deodorant.

Also, whenever I travel, I add a few drops to my drinking water, because I eat a lot of junk foods (helps to balance) overall, I think there are a lot of things we haven’t discovered about this miraculous product.”


September, 2012

“I had the opportunity to help a young girl, who had juvenile arthritis, that started at 6 years old. As she grew, there were great complications. It was predicted by her doctors that she might lose her lower leg. I began helping her with Schweitzer Formula and she was able to get through this period without losing her leg. I feel certain that Schweitzer Formula had a lot to do with that outcome.”
V. Z.

“I had an amazingly positive experience with a friend, that I had use Schweitzer Formula on a very bad burn.”
A. F.

New York

“I have to add my own experience with getting sinus relief by using Schweitzer Formula. I’ve had occasional extreme sinus pressure, related to the barometric pressure. I decided to squirt Schweitzer Formula into the sinus passages and felt immediate relief. I did this several more times overnight and into the next day with profound effects. I can often become debilitated for several days. This time, by using Schweitzer Formula, I was able to get through with virtually no discomfort. This was a very big change for me.”
David Louis DeFebo

“I’ve had sinus problems for several years after having a surgery in the area. I started squirting Schweitzer Formula into my sinus passages and felt immediate relief. Since I’ve been doing this, a discharge has begun from the sinus area. I think this is a good sign, and feel that Schweitzer Formula is helping me heal the pain and irritation I have been experiencing for the past two years.”
Sandi S.


“I am happy to report that Schweitzer Formula has done it again. I had been having a problem with my right ear for several weeks. My hearing was muffled, because of a clogged ear. I had tried some home remedies but they weren’t helping me and I didn’t want to pay for a doctor visit either. Next I tried the Schweitzer solution, using about 1/2cc 3-4 times a day, keeping it in the ear for about 2-3 mins. The morning of the 3rd day, I woke up with perfect hearing in my ear. Another treatment to add to the growing Schweitzer Formula list.”
Michele M.


“I’ve never had anything work better for gargling for a sore throat. I felt immediate relief and I am sure I recovered more quickly from the cold.”
James Rose


“I’ve been trying Schweitzer Formula for ringing in the ears. I put a few drops into my ear and let it soak in for a few moments. After a few days I noticed a reduction in the volume of the ringing.”
Carol Diane

Retired Homemaker and Teacher

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