Technical Details

The Formula

Schweitzer Formula was known early in the 20th century as a mineral biological toxic. To translate, this simply means that it is a mineral formula that has been prepared in such a way as to have the effect of destroying gram-positive or anaerobic organisms, such as infectious bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus. The formula was developed in 1915 at the Speyer-House Institute for Thermo-therapy in Frankfury Germany. Schweitzer Formula has been sold throughout the world since 1920 and it is not a drug or synthetic petrochemical.

The Secret

To more deeply understand Schweitzer Formula, it is necessary to have studied molecular biology. From this point of view, one can understand that the Schweitzer Formula is an anionic (negatively charged) surfactant (detergent) containing an ionization constant based on Planck’s Constant, Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, and Professor Paul Ehrlich’s Side Chain Theory of Immunology. This is the secret of the amazing healing and preventative powers of Schweitzer Formula.


Another term that was used early in the 20th century is Thermotherapy. This term as it was used meant therapy involving non frictional heat. It has been established that many forms of disease can be cured by Thermotherapy, which is anelectric, i.e., non frictional. Electric friction damages the functioning of the complex molecules, which compose the individual human cells, by causing an imbalance in their natural magnetic “dipole moment”. Schweitzer Formula stops the frictional-damaging heat by neutralizing the disease-causing positive ionization with negative ions, while supplying oxygen to the cells of the human body, resulting in the natural infra-red heat of the cell molecules and purified blood, resulting in healthy red blood.

Chemical Formula

The chemical formulation of Schweitzer Formula is C~4H10B072Zn. The chemical name is Boridiorthotic Oxybenzoic Acid Zinc. Within the Schweitzer Formula is a Zinc-Boron-Salycilate cell in the molecular biological field. Any toxicity is removed in the growing crystal, but it still retains its inherent anaerobic bacterial toxic properties.This Zinc-Boron cell is a hydrated magnetic crystal, that qualifies into infra-red heat, independent of the field of synthetic, petrochemical medicine. This crystal is suspended in pure distilled water and is used in solution form. Schweitzer Formula is specifically effective against all gram positive (anaerobic) organisms. Schweitzer Formula should not come into contact with metal as this will render the solution less effective.

Hi Tech Insights

Schweitzer Formula is anelectric, infra-red heat caused by negative ions traveling at the speed of light. These are non-frictional betionic, wet electrons. Schweitzer Formula is a true osmotic solution.

Universal Disinfectant

Schweitzer Formula is a universal disinfectant, which stops unhealthy germs in the human body, but does not damage or kill the cells of the body. It is also a universal solvent, which this and purifies the bloodstream of the body, precipitating impurities from the cytoplasm of the cells. When oxygen levels of the bloodstream are over 85%, then anaerobic bacteria and viruses are destroyed. Oxygen therapy along with Schweitzer Formula make a very good team.

The Zinc-Boron Crystal

Every drop of the spray mist contains a pure Zinc-Boron crystal which is absorbed through the skin into the blood. The pure mineral zinc-boron is necessary for pure blood cytoplasm of tissue cells. The Schweitzer Formula contains a pure, basic zinc-carbonate enzyme, which is necessary to maintain the pH value of the blood at 7.3, in order that life-giving oxidization-reduction cycles of the heat of the human body take place in the tissue cells and not in the bloodstream.

Stops Unhealthy Germs Without Causing Mutation

Schweitzer Formula stops the growth of anaerobic bacteria, fungi and viruses because it is a true disinfectant. Hospitals and doctors know that antiseptics and antibiotics kill germs and healthy cells of the human body, resulting in new unhealthy germs, which the antibiotics cannot kill. There is a widespread acceptance of Biological Pleomorphism, which is the activity of a germ changing to a new form, to adapt to its new environment. Thus, when one changes the cellular environment with antibiotics, new germs develop, with new qualities, that increases the problem. In addition, because the healthy cells of the body are killed and depleted, as well as the unhealthy ones, important helthy flora levels are depleted, causing repeated infections to become more likely.

Increases Immune Response

Laboratory analysis indicated a positive increase in phagocytic cell activity in destruction of bacteria and other foreign substances, without any harm to surrounding tissue. Increases in fibroblastic and lymphocytic activity with increased epithelial cell growth, resulting in rapid healing of injured tissue, has also been observed.

Increased Capillary Growth

Schweitzer Formula increases capillary growth and capillary network in injured areas, to help distribute nutrients to tissues, to aid healing and restoration of normal activity.

Rejuvination Effects

Schweitzer Formula aids in the rebuilding and restructuring of tissues during the “healing crisis” and “genetic restructuring”. It penetrates through the skin and increases the oxygenation and circulation to the tissue, thereby improving the metabolic function. This helps to smooth out wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, and maintain the ecology of the skin, which is required for ti’s proper functioning.


For over 95 years in the use of the Schweitzer Formula, there have been no contraindications observed. Used topically during a niacin flush, very positive results have been observed in skin rejuvenation, when used in conjunction with a program of nutrient saturation. Apparently, the Schweitzer Formula acts as a catalyst in helping to increase healing and regeneration, if other basic nutrients are present, such as enzymes, colloidal minerals, natural vitamins, essential fatty acids and the full range of natural amino acids.

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