The Story

A Brief Introduction

According to documents that have been forwarded through time along with the formula, Schweitzer Formula was invented just after the turn of the 20th century, using the theories of the most prominent scientists of the time. In a German University, called the Georg-Speyer House, the theories of the day were applied to the creation of a formula, that soon became known as zinc-borocyl. These advanced students applied the principals of the latest physics discoveries of the time. The principles and theories used were derived largely from several well known scientists of their day. Namely Max Planck, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and Paul Ehrlich.

A Convoluted Path

The formula was brought the the United States in the early part of the 1900’s by a doctor, who became convinced of its usefulness and effectiveness. Dr L.E Schweitzer became a proponent and distributor of the formula for many years, after bringing it to the U.S. He single-handedly managed to encourage many doctors, chiropractors and naturopaths to employ zinc-borocyl (Schweitzer Formula) in their practices. Much positive feedback caused the formula to grow and grow . Before Dr Schweitzer died, he passed the formula onto others, who kept producing and distributing it across the U.S. The pattern of passing the formula onto the next generation, continued several more times until the present day. Today, because of the advent of the internet, Schweitzer Formula is making a come back in popularity with people all over the world.

The Formula Today

Schweitzer Formula has helped thousands upon thousands of people over the last century. Today, as people reconnect with the information about it and feel the positive benefits of using it, a resurgence is taking place. It is one of the most versatile formulas available. Schweitzer Formula can be used on the skin, as an oral rinse, and can be taken internally for a wide range of health benefits. It is a wonderful addition to any household and many people are taking it with them wherever they go, to have it when they need it. Now, you can become part of the resurgence, as you read through this website to familiarize yourself with the many uses and benefits of Schweitzer Formula.

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