1.  Environmentally Friendly

You can feel good knowing that natural ingredients do not negatively impact our environment, unlike the chemicals and man-made ingredients contained in synthetic skincare products. The artificial ingredients can be potentially harmful to the air, water, animals and plants that come in contact with them.  Often these manufactured ingredients also require mining of materials, which can cause pollution and stress on our environment. 

2.  Safer

Natural skincare products do not contain the chemicals, artificial colors, and fillers that are often present in commercial products.  The FDA does not regulate the ingredients in cosmetic products, so it is difficult to know what is truly safe for your skin. Unnatural ingredients can cause redness, irritation and even allergic reactions for many people.  The peace of mind that comes with treating your skin with natural ingredients will help you look and feel better in the long run.

3. Easier on Your Nose

Most commercial skin care products contain artificial fragrances which are also not regulated by the FDA.  These fragrances may contain toxic chemicals that can be absorbed through the body.  Natural products have an aroma that smells like their ingredients, and they are not infused with artificial scents intended to cover up the chemicals within.  Skincare that is either fragrance free, or scented with natural essential oils are best, and won’t cause headaches like the imitation fragrances sometimes do.

4. Ingredients You Recognize

The synthetic ingredients listed on most commercial products are created in labs and are accompanied by names that are often difficult to pronounce. The familiar ingredients on the labels of natural products are not harmful to the body and are usually quite beneficial, as they contain vitamins and compounds that are much better understood than their synthetic counterparts.

5. More Effective Over Time

Although some commercial products may seem to be effective initially, the harmful chemicals that they contain may cause damage to the skin in the long-run.  After making the switch to natural skin care, many find that the products actually work better.  Those with sensitive skin often notice the biggest change when switching to natural products, and may even notice that their skin issues clear up over time.

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