We are in the Dog Days of Summer, the hottest time of the year.  As we aim to keep cool by wearing our summer cotton clothes and bathing suits, we also expose more of our skin to the sun. While it feels good to get a suntan and Vitamin D, we also need to protect our skin from sunburn, as well as insect bites, poison ivy, rashes, dryness, and other irritations.

Schweitzer Formula is a natural crystalline healing solution useful for protecting and healing your summer skin, and for treating sunburn.   It has been used safely and effectively for over 100 years, with countless testimonials of so many various healing results, that we say it is like a medicine cabinet in a bottle.

Frequencies Make the Difference

Manufactured according to Dr. Schweitzer’s original quantum processing technique, the secret is in the properties of the crystal. An infrared wave is released from the crystal into your skin and deeper tissue, all the way into the bone marrow, instantaneously at the speed of light. The frequencies of the crystal and zinc, boron, and salicylic acid are released when sprayed on our skin.  That is how it heals so quickly.

My first exposure to Schweitzer Formula was when it healed a bad case of sunburn.  My husband and I were definitely over-exposed to the sun the first day on a tropical beach as our winter white skin quickly turned very red and toasted. We sprayed on Schweitzer when we returned to our room and then again before bed.  The next morning, we were surprised to see our skin had turned into a glowing tan!  It was the kind of sunburn that could have ruined our vacation, but we had no pain, no blisters, and no peeling.  Schweitzer saved our skin!

A Myriad of Uses Beyond Treating Sunburn

Schweitzer Formula is not just for treating sunburn.  It is an effective remedy for mosquito bites and other insect bites.  Spray it on your skin as a preventative, or after the fact, when you have been bitten.  It relieves itching and redness, as well as speeds the healing process.

Schweitzer soothes the irritation of poison ivy, poison sumac, and other things that cause an allergic reaction to your skin.  Rashes and hives often pop out in the summer from heat or other causes, so Schweitzer Formula is your go to first aid to spray on your skin as needed.

Your skin and scalp can get dry and itchy during the summer.  Spray Schweitzer Formula on liberally after a shower to help moisturize your skin.  Spray it on your scalp before showering to help with an itchy scalp and even as a prevention for hair loss.

The Summer sun exposes all kinds of skin problems to the light of day.  Apply it to any cuts or scraps, bruises and wounds, moles and skin tags, varicose and spider veins, nail fungus and athlete’s foot, acne and blemishes, scars and burns.

Schweitzer Formula can also be used as a deodorant because it absorbs odors. It is available in a roll-on bottle.  It is also available in dropper bottles for use in your eyes, ears, nose, and throat.  Use the dropper bottle dispenser and the spray bottle for multipurpose applications.

Keep one bottle in your purse, car, beach bag, backpack, in your kitchen, in your bedroom, and in your bathroom!  Schweitzer Formula is your medicine cabinet in a bottle that can be used for treating sunburn and for protecting and healing your summer skin overall.

Are you ready to learn more about Schweitzer Formula and why it has been nicknamed a “medicine cabinet in a bottle”? To see all of our available products, visit our shop page.

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