Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th. It’s time to celebrate all the Mothers in your life, by first contemplating what women really want.  My Nana always said, “It’s the thought that counts”.  Think about some of the ways you can express your love and make her feel adored and happy.  Here are some heartfelt ideas to inspire you to give her a gift with heart.

5 Heartfelt Gift Ideas for Mom

  1. Quality time is most important because your Mother wants you more than anything.  If you are fortunate to have your Mother in your life, give her a big hug and a kiss and thank her for giving you birth!  Have a heart to heart talk, be fully present, because your Mother loves to visit with you.  If you can’t be there in person, have a long phone conversation, facetime on your phone, or online.
  1. Words of appreciation are the language of the heart.  Buy or make a Mother’s Day card with sentiments that get you started, then write your own thoughtful message to express the gratitude that you feel for her.  Maybe you’ll even be inspired to write a poem!  We all want to be loved and appreciated, and hand-written words can become keepsakes because they are so meaningful.           
  1. Sharing favorite foods, if you are close enough to get together, invite her out for a celebratory meal.  Home cooked or at a favorite restaurant, women appreciate having someone else cook for them.  Sitting together at the table with fresh flowers, candlelight, and a comfortable atmosphere, makes a fun party!  Treat her to something delicious and nutritious to savor the sweetness of life.
  1. Sharing favorite memories of the good times over the years.  Pass around the old photo albums to generate some stories of “remember when…”  Play some old record albums or a playlist of favorite oldies. Play a game where you make lists of your top five favorite movies, books, vacations, events, people, old sayings, or memorabilia that will be sure to bring smiles and laughter from the lifetime you have shared.
  1. Thoughtful gifts show that you know what she likes.  Although there is no one size fits all gift, here are some suggestions to help you think about what would be just right for her;
  •  Something you made – a tin of cookies, loaf of a sweet bread, or a mason jar of soup, a mason jar of bath salts; (epsom salts, baking soda, essential oil), a card, a colored mandala, or personalized craft item. 
  • Flowers – a hanging basket for her porch, or potted plant for her garden, fresh cut flowers in a vase from you or a florist, a dried flower arrangement, or a wreath for her door.
  • Foods – a gift bag full of snacks like nuts, crackers, dried fruit, and chocolate bars; a gift basket full of teas, coffee, cocoa, wine, sparkling water, or juices; a gift box full of chocolate, her favorite sweets, spices, or fresh fruit.
  • Kitchen gadgets – pretty pot holders, dish towels, placemats, or napkins, lemon squeezer, new cutting board, tray, containers, crystal wine glass, special mug, or glass water bottle.
  • Something to wear – unique earrings, necklace, or bracelet made with natural stones, pajamas that can be worn for lounging at home and bedtime, a pashmina, scarf, blouse, or jacket to wrap her in a warm hug.
  •  Something practical – a gift certificate for a pedicure, massage, favorite store or restaurant, a new umbrella, key chain, wallet, watch, slippers, crocs, a good book, a nice pen, a new journal, or stationary.
  • Personal care items –  essential oils for aromatherapy or aromatic lotion, shampoo, or soap, nail clippers, emery boards, cuticle cream, lip balm or vitamins and natural supplements to keep her healthy.
  • Schweitzer Formula – a Mother’s favorite natural remedy for multi-purpose use; available in many sizes including spray, roll-on, dropper bottle, and flip top bottle, and convenient for her to have in her medicine cabinet, kitchen, purse, car and travel bag! Because what women really want is for their friends and family to be well cared for! 

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