Schweitzer Formula | Amber Glass Bottle | 32oz


Schweitzer Formula is a Healing Solution for a Wide Spectrum of Use Cases

Schweitzer Formula supports skin repair, pain relief, accelerated burn relief & healing, soothes a sore throat, improves ear infections, supports digestive ailments, and much more!  This Clear Path (metal-free) Fine Mist Sprayer bottle is great to keep in the medicine cabinet, next to the bed, in the kitchen, in the car glove box, and in your emergency medical kit.  Once you try it, you won’t be without it.

Schweitzer Formula Sixteen Ounce Cobalt Blue Bottle w/ Clear Path Fine Mist Sprayer or Flip-Top Nozzle
Keep Schweitzer Formula with You When You are on the Go

This portable bottle of Schweitzer Formula crystalline healing solution is great for your handbag, purse, or backpack. Keep one in the car glove box for those unexpected emergencies. Wherever you go, Schweitzer Formula will be there when you need it.

Safe and Effective for Over a Century

Schweitzer Formula has been used safely for over 100 years. Invented circa 1915 by physicists and medical doctors in Germany, Schweitzer Formula has been helping people with their holistic health needs around the globe. Recommended by doctors, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, herbalists, nurses, and many other health professionals, today Schweitzer Formula is having a resurgence in popularity around the world.

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In The Kitchen

Schweitzer Formula can also be helpful for those pesky kitchen cuts or scrapes during food prep. A quick spray disinfects the area and speeds wound healing.

Kitchen burns are one of the most common home injuries and can often be quite serious and painful. Spraying the burn with Schweitzer Formula will immediately take away the pain, bringing welcome relief. Spraying the formula on repeatedly as needed for a few minutes after the injury will allow you to be pain-free. Repeat the application several times throughout the day and the burn will heal very quickly.

The Medicine Cabinet

Spray on your face prior to bed for skin support and healing. Gargle with a bit of Schweitzer Formula for throat support, especially during times when the throat is irritated or you feel you may have the beginning stages of an infection. Having Schweitzer Formula in the medicine cabinet gives you many options for daily health maintenance and acute treatment alike.

Work Areas

Do you have a workbench in the garage or basement? Maybe you do some home crafts or work with your hands or with some creative tools? If you have an area like this, you may occasionally have some nicks, cuts, scrapes, or bruises from your efforts. This is a perfect place to keep a bottle of Schweitzer Formula handy, for those types of injuries. Just spray it on and let it air dry. Repeat as needed and feel the relief and assist your body in accelerating the repair process.

Important Notice

It is important to remember to always use non-metallic implements when working with Schweitzer Formula.  Examples would be plastic or wooden measuring spoons or other tools rather than metallic ones. This powerful crystalline formula contains a small electrical charge which will be discharged upon contact with metal. Keep your formula at maximum potential by avoiding all contact with metal.

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