Taking the Show on the Road

We have been busy taking Schweitzer Formula on the road the past few months. Here at the SF office we believe in following synchronicity.  This is part of our strategy for navigating our path forward. Synchronicity comes as events unfold in uncanny sequences and timing. When this happens we listen and follow the bread crumbs.

Joining the Spirit of Oneness Expo in Harrisburg, PA

In late September we learned of an upcoming Holistic Expo happening in Harrisburg, PA.  Attending sounded great but the expo started in early October.  Upon taking a deep breath we decided to pull it all together and hit the road. After a considerable effort we made it to the Spirit of Oneness Expo in Harrisburg.  The Alta Vista Wellness Center beautifully produced the Spirit of Oneness Expo. We felt blessed to meet many of the wonderful healers from Alta Vista Wellness.

This was a wonderful event filled with loving kindness. Many healers and high quality products and services were represented. During the Spirit of Oneness Expo we met many new friends. We engaged with new and enthusiastic customers.  It was so enjoyable to share our products and naturopathic wisdom. The feedback was excellent and the turn out was impressive.

Spirit of Oneness Holistic Expo - Picture of Schweitzer Formula Booth
Spirit of Oneness Holistic Expo Schweitzer Formula Booth

Attending Inner Peace Expo in Hamburg, PA

Upon returning to the home office in Williamsport, PA, we learned of another event in Hamburg, PA. With just enough time to catch our breath, we started prepping. The event is The Inner Peace Expo and it happens twice a year. It is expertly organized and produced by the Inner Peace and Wellness Center.  Inner Peace is about 2 hours from our home base. That was close enough for us to make a showing. This was another wonderful expo showcasing many natural and holistic products. There was an impressive turn out of healers, artists and educators sharing their wisdom and experience.

Inner Peace Holistic Expo Banner
Inner Peace Holistic Expo Banner
Inner Peace Holistic Expo | Schweitzer Formula Booth

Successful Outings

It has been an unexpected busy few months of sharing our products with thousands of people. After all was said and done, we met hundreds of new customers who are excited to try Schweitzer Formula. Many of them loved our complementary products as well. We also exhibited Vibrant Cell Life and Molecula Silver. Our Total Body Greens was a bit hit too. The Expos were very well run and we found them highly professional in all aspects. The organizers had the perfect touch of respect, preventative measures and common sense.

These Expos happen several times a year. Please check out the websites and if you are in the area, consider attending in 2022.  We will post our next outbound journey on the website prior to any future events we attend.  Perhaps we will see you down the road and have a chance to chat.

Inspiring Gatherings!

It was really great to see thousands of people out enjoying the many vendors! With all the difficulties we have all faced during the past few years, this was a breath of fresh air. There were powerful opening ceremonies that were enjoyed by all. There was a sense of optimism in the air that was palpable. I saw courage and spiritual power in the eyes of many. It was a morale booster for everyone. We all felt a sense that we were radiating the healing energy out in all directions.

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